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UNS Rimless Cube Glass Aquarium Tank


Taking a modern and minimalist approach, these rimless tanks by Ultum Nature Systems are crafted with precision from 91% clarity Diamant glass and high-grade German silicone glue. Special care is taken to blend the panels of glass seamlessly with 45° mitered edges resulting in beautiful aesthetic and unlimited room for depth and creativity – an aquascaper’s dream.


Symmetrical cube aquarium tanks are the perfect size for tighter spaces. This style of aquarium is ideal for livestock choices such as Betta fish, Neocaridina shrimp and smaller nano schooling fish species such as Tetras and Rasboras. Beginner or experienced hobbyist, a cube aquarium is a great start or addition to an existing collection of planted tanks.



Shown in the video below is a  Ultum Nature Systems 20C rimless tank:

40C - UNS Rimless Cube Glass Aquarium Tank

SKU: 40C
  • 45° Mitered Edges
    91% Clarity with Diamant Glass
    High-Quality German Silicon

    •  4 Sizes to choose from
    •  Perfect size for tighter spaces
    •  Ideal for aquarium livestock choices such as Betta fish, Neocaridina shrimp, and smaller nano schooling fish species such as Tetras and Rasboras

    Black Leveling Mat

  • Model Length
    Glass Thickness
    40C 400 400 400 6
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