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Alternanthera rosaefolia Aquatic Tissue Culture Plants by Aquatic Farmer.  

Alternanthera rosaefolia is an especially decorative “red” plant. Great choice for hobbyists looking for a midground non-green aquatic plant.

The top of the Alternanthera rosaefolia leaf has a bronze coloration whilst the underside of the leaf is deep purple. This adds a good contrast to the usual green aquatic plants. Although most red aquarium plants can be rather difficult to grow, the Alternanthera rosaefolia is relatively easy. With adequate light and fertilizer, Alternanthera roseafolia can grow very well and with rich coloration.  Adding CO2 will make help these plants turn bright red.

Fish will love Alternanthera rosaefolia and some species will use them to lay eggs. It can provide good shelter (hiding place) for fry and invertebrates too.

Live Aquatic Tissue Culture Plants by Aquatic Farmer
The Tissue Culture plants are grown in-vitro in the laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants. 
They provide the best option for those who want to ensure that their aquatic plants are pest-free and safe for shrimps.

Tissue Culture Cups Dimensions:
Diameter: 60mm
Height : 50mm

Care Level Difficulty: 2 (1=easy, 2=mid, 3= hard)
Temp: 17-27° C
PH: 6.0-7.0
CO2: Mid

Useful Notes:
Please be reminded to remove the tissue culture gel before planting into your tank. You can do so by simply rinsing the gel off the roots of the plants.

Alternanthera rosaefolia Aquatic Tissue Culture Plants

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