Ludwigia 'White' Aquatic Tissue Culture Plants by Aquatic Farmer - New (available from Jun 21)


Ludwigia 'White' belongs to the family of rare aquatic plants. It has a beautiful combination of white and pink leaves that blend perfectly well, once bunched together.


Due to the level of extensive care required, the Ludwigia White caters more to experienced hobbyists as it requires rigorous maintenance which can be quite challenging for beginners. The plant requires exceptional lighting, balanced fertilizer and CO2 levels, and a healthy substrate for propagation.


With high lighting and proper CO2 supplementation, the Ludwigia sp. “White” can provide a vibrant red tone to your space. With quality nutrient-rich substrate, the plant can thrive whether it is submersed or emersed.


Live Aquatic Tissue Culture Plants by Aquatic Farmer
The Tissue Culture plants are grown in-vitro in the laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants. 


They provide the best option for those who want to ensure that their aquatic plants are pest-free and safe for shrimps.


Tissue Culture Cups Dimensions:
Diameter: 60mm
Height : 50mm


Ludwigia 'White' Aquatic Tissue Culture Plants