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Direction of Substrate fert. (for newly set-up)

1 Tab for 10L water. Please refer to the following dose table. The tabs evenly spaced on the bottom of tank then covered by the soil or gravel.


Direction of Root fert.

(for Topdressing)

•1tab for 15*15cm planted area.

•Insert 1 tab into soil or gravel about

2-3cm depth.

SUBSTRATE/ROOT Fertilizer Tabs Dr. Tanks

  • tank(cm)/ litres(L)    dose

    30x18x20cm (11L)       1Tab

    40x23x25cm (23L)       2Tabs

    45x28x30cm (38L)       3Tabs

    60x30x36cm (65L)       6Tabs

    80x40x40cm (128L)   12Tabs

    90x45x45cm (182L)   18Tabs

    120x50x50cm(300L)  30Tabs

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